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Let's Start Art: January 2019

Let's Start Art: January

The 15th Pravasi Bhartiya Diwas Convention was held on 21-23 January 2019 in Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh. Before the convention, all the primary schools of Varanasi were assigned with different countries and the students were supposed to learn about the country and present a rally during the commencement of the event. We conducted the Let's Start Art sessions around the same theme.


Let's Start Art

Let's Start Art sessions this month were conducted under the theme of The Winter Season and Family Pictures. The first set of workshops started in the first week of the month and we asked the students to draw their family photo. 

A number of 162 students from 10 schools attended these workshops.


Sarai Mohana is a village in Varanasi. It’s not very far from the main city, yet the stark contrast between the urban and the rural is quite evident. Rajkumar, a professional artist from Sarai Mohana is trying to paint his village on the world map. The small bridge that connects Sarai Mohana to the city of Varanasi is very symbolic of Rajkumar’s efforts. The walls of Sarai Mohana are covered by some world-class murals. And though Rajkumar is the one who comes up with the concept, the surprising element is that the murals are made by the locals.

Let's Start Art: September 2018

Teachers' Day Card
In India, the 5th day of September is celebrated as Teachers' Day, in the memory of the country's former Vice-President Dr. Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan. So, the theme of the first set of Let's Start Art sessions was Teachers' Day in which we asked the students to make greeting cards for their teachers.  The teachers were equally grateful to receive the adorable greeting cards as the students were to make those. 

Let's Start Art: August 2018

Let's Start Art

What do you know about an agricultural farm?

The first set of Let's Start Art sessions for the month of August started with this question. Around 130 students from 5 Govt. Primary Schools in Varanasi attended the workshops. 

All the students had their own element of fascination from the farms. Some of the students were fascinated by the scarecrows, while others couldn't get over the tube wells, sowing, and techniques of planting rice. It was surprising that the students, who have never been introduced to the methods of crop production and management, have observed such details on their own.