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What SHURUA(R)T means?

“Shuru” means to begin. Shuruaat is an Urdu term that means beginning. So, we changed it to SHURUA(R)T, beginning of Art. We were trying to provide a new platform for artists to sell their works to enable a career in art. That’s why it’s SHURUA(R)T.

Why do we exist?

We started with a very simple vision, that the paintings made by students of Banaras Hindu University to be sold on our e-commerce platform. 70% of the profit generated will be shared with a specific artist to help her finance her education, and we will keep 30 percent for our maintenance. As we continued working with the artists we better understood the challenges, we learned what marketing would work or not. Now we are into complete grooming of artists, making them future art entrepreneurs after they leave college.

The vision is to help them have a better life as an artist. We thought that by selling their paintings, making them financially independent we will be doing our job. However, it isn’t so. Largely, the artists when they leave college, either end up becoming teachers in government colleges or schools, or they just stop pursuing art. We want this to stop.


Gaurav Tiwari

Technology, Operations

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Digital Content Specialist

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