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Wouldn't you love to watch your favorite movie with a nice cup of tea? This is what our theme was for the Let's Start Art sessions this month- Chai (tea) and Favourite movie. Schools reopened after long summer vacation, so the students were more excited than usual for the art class and Chai seemed to be a popular thing among children.

 Let's Start Art

Always the first one to complete the drawing, Rakhi Sahni is a student of class 4th at Govt Primary School, Bhadaini. Her teacher Dr. Asha Pandey tells us that she's a playful girl but and always loses either her colors or copy, right before the session. But she draws well and is able to explain her drawing to the instructor Neelam Gupta. 

 Let's Start Art

Let's Start ARt

 Umang is a student at Sunderpur-1 government primary school. He loves to dance, and wants to become a dancer. Umang told our art instructor Anjali Singh that when nobody's home he practices his moves, as he's still not very comfortable about dancing in front of people.

One can't exactly make out the elements in Umang's drawing. However, that is not the point of our art sessions. We do not teach children how to draw. The point of letting them draw minus any instructions is to help them express their observation. 

Around 235 students from 8 schools attended these workshops.

 Let's Start Art

Another set of workshops for the month of July were conducted on the theme- My favorite movie and it turned out that our students are huge fans of movies. This week's theme for our Let's Start Art session is "My Favourite Movie/Cartoon". And though Motu and Patlu were the biggest hit among children, this one by Soumya from Sunderpur-1 caught our eye. She made a drawing of Bollywood movie Zero by Shah Rukh Khan. The simplicity of the depiction is so adorable. 

Let's Start Art

We also had fans of action movies like Baahubali and 2.0. Around 250 students from 8 schools attended these workshops.

 Let's Start Art

Lets Start Art

"Nadiya ke Paar is my favorite movie, I watched it with my mother", said Pooja, a student of class 5th at Govt Primary School, Sunderpur(2).
She also told us that she has never watched any other movie, that's why she loves this one. She wants to become a teacher when she grows up.

The art sessions at Govt. Primary Schools at Bhadaini, Nagwa, and Orderly Bazaar were conducted by Neelam Gupta and Anjali Singh (Student Artists) and the sessions at Govt. Primary Schools at Sonarpura, Naria, Nayi Sarak, and Sunderpur were conducted by Ajay Prakash and Kavita Kumari (Student Artists).

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