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Let's Start Art

December brings festivals, holidays and chills of the weather. And while we wait for weekends to snug into our blankets all day long, children enjoy going to their schools in the foggy mornings. Let's Start Art sessions this month were conducted under the theme of The Winter Season and Family Pictures. The first set of workshops started in the first week of the month, where we asked the students to draw their family photo.

Most of the drawings captured the moments from their family time, like having dinner together or watching TV.

Let's Start Art
"We sit down after dinner to watch TV and that is the only hour in a complete day when all of us spend time together", said Khushboo from Govt. Primary School, Sunderpur(1). She completed her drawing with all the little details of her house.
A number of 162 students from 10 schools attended these workshops.

Let's Start Art
In the second set of Let's Start Art sessions, we asked the students to draw about the winter season.
Some students liked the season whereas some simply hated the cold. Aishwarya from Govt. Primary School, Sunderpur(2) said she likes the season because it's her birthday season.

Let's Start Art
Most of the students were excited about Christmas and New Year holidays. 264 students from 10 schools attended these workshops.

Let's Start Art

In India, winters are often marked by the mouth-watering recipes right from the kitchens of our houses. A dessert named 'Gajar ka Halwa', made using carrots, is one of these dishes.
Simran, a student of class-4th from Government Primary School, Sunderpur(2), made a drawing of herself eating 'Gajar ka Halwa', when we asked the students to draw what they like/dislike about the winter season. 

The art sessions at Govt. Primary Schools in Bhadani, Nagwa, Orderly bazaar, and Shivpur were conducted by Neelam Gupta (Student Artist). And the sessions at Sonarpura, Naria, Nayi Sadak, Sunderpur(1) and Sunderpur(2) were conducted the Ajay Prakash (Student Artist).

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