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Let's Start Art

Let's Start Art sessions this month were conducted under the theme of The Winter Season and Family Pictures. The first set of workshops started in the first week of the month and we asked the students to draw their family photo. 

A number of 162 students from 10 schools attended these workshops.

Indian Art Series: The Great Goddess Battles the Demons

The story is told at great length in the Devi Mahatmya - literally, 'Glory of the Great Goddess', also referred as Durga Saptashati - a text embedded inside 'Markandeya Purana'. The folio of is from a dispersed manuscript of the Devi Mahatmya.

Indian Art Series: Meru- The Golden Mountain

The Purana describes that the Mount Meru is surrounded by four other mountains as it's supports- Suparshva, Kumud, Mandara, and Mermandara. On these four mountain ranges stand four great trees- the Mango, the Jambu, the Kadamb, and the Banyan. The manuscript of the Anandi Patan has an extraordinarily painted leaf with a picture of Mount Meru on it.

Shiva, Ever Solicitous of His Other Half

This painting is from Rasmanjari, a classical Sanskrit text by BhanuDatta.
In the text, the writer seems to be envisioning Shiva as ArdhaNarishwar, his androgynous aspect. The painter has been very creative to capture this aspect by keeping Parvati always on the right side in the painting.

Krishna lifting the Mount Govardhana: Great Indian Paintings

This story depicts a scene from Mahabharata, where Krishna lifts the Mount Govardhana to save the animals and villagers from the wrath of Indra. 

Made using striking imagination, intricate details, and the godly figure of Krishna in the middle, lifting the mountain with ease, this painting is part of the Bhagavata Purana series. This is currently on display at British Museum, London