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Water is Life: Mural at Government Primary School, Sonarpura



It’s never too soon to introduce children to the possibilities of creative expression. Imaginative activities for young learners can lead to better skills in social interactions and emotional regulation. Lessons in the arts introduce school children to problem-solving techniques, which help them to see the world in new ways, and provide access to creative ways of knowing. Children discover how art can communicate their own ideas and may become interested in creating increasingly realistic depictions and mastering new techniques.

After we complete a year of Let's Start Art sessions in a school, students and facilitators together conceptualise a mural work for the school. Children work on the artwork right from the beginning and come up with their own layouts. The facilitators work on these layouts and create a final layout to include every child's drawings and efforts into the artwork. After this, children start working on the Mural with all the zeal and enthusiasm.

Students at Government Primary School, Sonarpura completed their first mural on the walls of school corridor. Children worked on the theme "Water is Life" through interactive discussions with our art instructors regarding the uses, sources and conservation of water. The mural is crafted in the Warli folk art form which is a popular art form of Maharashtra, India. Students not only worked on the artwork under the supervision of art instructors Neelam, Kavita, and Harshita but also had a little celebratory event on their Farewell day where all of them were awarded with certificates. 

We are grateful to the school principal Ms. Saroj Dwivedi for her endless support, and all our donors for their contribution towards the holistic education of students at Government Primary Schools of Varanasi.

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