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Day of a Sincere Student: A Mural at a Government Primary School

A wall mural is the annual activity conducted after Let's Start Art sessions are conducted in a school for a year. Students work with the art instructors in finalising the layout of the artwork weeks before they start working on the wall. Every aspect of the artwork is imagined and created by students, after the topic is brainstormed in the class and children are asked to draw their own layouts for the mural. 


Students at Government Primary School, Durgakund completed their first mural in a classroom of their school, under the supervision of art instructors. While the work is guided by the artists, students work on theme from scratch and finish the complete mural, all by themselves. This activity not only engages children and makes them confident, but also improves affiliation to the school. Our murals can be used as visual aids during a classroom activity as well, helping to create a visually rich environment for children.

Day of a Sincere Student, an artwork when seen from bottom left to right clockwise, portrays the activities of a good student in a day, not to establish any norms for the students but to inspire and encourage them to make the best out of their school experience. Students not only worked on the artwork under the supervision of art instructors Neelam, Kavita, Harshita, and Moni, but also had a little celebratory event where all of them were awarded with certificates. 

We are grateful to the school principal Mrs. Ashita Srivastava for her endless support, and all our donors for their contribution towards the holistic education of students at Government Primary Schools of Varanasi.

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