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Let's Start Art: April
"Did you notice, I'm in class 3rd now, and that means I'll get to attend the art classes", said Golu from Government Primary School, Nagwa, when we started the art sessions.  The new academic session started with the first week of April, so did our art sessions. In the first set of workshops, we asked the students to draw what they know about their city- Varanasi.

Buddha In Kashi - The Artworks

Recently, the artists from SHURUA(R)T visited Sarnath. To find the presence of Buddha in our lives, and in our hearts. And what better way to present the findings through art.
Visit our website: to explore the artworks made at Sarnath

Buddha in Kashi

Team SHURUA(R)T along with a group of student artists visited Sarnath. The intent was to capture the serenity of the place where Lord Buddha gave his first sermon. The place marks the very thought of Buddhism, that beauty doesn't lie in being's about being simple.

Umesh Kumar Singh: SHURUA(R)T Artist

In spite of the initial resistance from the family, Umesh persisted, pursued his passion for paintings relentlessly, and finally won his family support. He traveled more than 60 km to learn painting,  before joining Faculty of Visual Arts, Banaras Hindu University.

Km. Sadhna - SHURUA(R)T Artist

"I have an interest in Science. Things in Arts that are related to Science, excite me".
Sadhna, our young artists, is pursuing Bachelor of Fine Arts program at Banaras Hindu University.