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Mikhail Vrubel: The Forefather of Russian Avant-Garde

The Russian painter, sculptor, and draftsman, Mikhail Aleksandrovich Vrubel, is acclaimed as the greatest Russian Symbolist painter, who was a pioneer of Modernism with an original vision.

Remembered as the forefather of Russsian avant-garde, Vrubel was born on March 17, 1856, in Omsk, Russia, into the family of a military lawyer.

Arnold Newman: The Pioneer of Environmental Portraiture

The American photographer, Arnold Abner Newman, is acclaimed as one of the most important photographers of the 20th century, whose pictures of major cultural figures set a standard for artistic interpretation and stylistic integrity in the postwar age of picture magazines.

Renowned for pioneering and popularizing the environmental portraits, Newman was born on March 3, 1918, in New York, and grew up in Atlantic City, New Jersy and Miami Beach, Florida.

Eldzier Cortor: The Painter of African-American Beauty

Eldzier Cortor is celebrated for his elongated and graceful depictions of the African-American woman, sometimes juxtaposed against scenes of chaos and desolation.

Best known for his study of the black female nude form, Cortor was born on January 10, 1916, in Richmond, Virginia.

Adolf Von Hildebrand: The Sculptor of Classical Antiquity

Adolf von Hildebrand, is celebrated as one of the first sculptors of the 19th century to insist upon the aesthetic autonomy of sculpture from painting, a doctrine he most effectively promulgated in his famous 1893 essay, “Das Problem der Form”, which helped establish the theoretical foundation for modern sculpture.

Julio González: The Pioneer of Welded Iron Sculptures

Julio González i Pellicer, is revered as the father of all iron sculptures in the early 20th century.Born in Barcelona, Spain, on September 21, 1876, González came from a family of metalsmith workers.