How to create an interesting Facebook Page for Artists


Many of you may have a personal account on Facebook but if you want to promote your artwork you must have to create a separate Facebook page.

Facebook is a great platform to showcase your artworks and to share updates about your work into the newsfeed that people see every day and that will help you to build your profile.


As an artist, you have lots of opportunities that shouldn’t be wasted. You can write about your artwork, display the images of your artwork, communicate with the audience and so on these things will turn out as an extension of your art, not separate from it.


Before creating an artist page on Facebook take a little time to think of all the important aspects of presenting yourself as an artist because that will help you understand the purpose of creating it.


Here are a few important things that you need to keep in mind before creating an artist Facebook page:


Create a Facebook page under the professional title

The title that you choose for your Facebook page must be related to your work, you can face difficulty while choosing a suitable title for your Facebook page because there are lots of Facebook pages, so your first choice might not be available.


Give the key information in About section

Appropriate and relevant information can make a great connection between you and your audience, a well-written bio will act as a backbone for any promotional effort you make on your Facebook page.


Cover and profile image cover image of your Facebook page holds the utmost importance and it should be the striking example of your work.

The profile image of your page must be yours, the ideal time duration to change the profile image of your Facebook page is two months so you can change your profile picture only once every couple of months.


Publish useful and relevant content

Always post relevant content (Content must be relevant to artists and buyers) on your page and make a feed of your page interesting for viewers and don’t forget to post regularly on your page to get in touch with your audience.


So how do you find interesting content?


Start with your favorite artworks, blogs, books, small video clips (e.g. process of making an artwork). 

If you are inspired by an artist, you can tag and share the image of his/her artwork on your Facebook page.

If you are visiting an art gallery or exhibition you can share images and experiences that you have gained.

If you are attending an art workshop you can share what you have learned.

You can share college entrance tips for those students who want to pursue fine arts.

And there are a lot more content you can easily find and share on your page, always share new contents this will make users revisit your page


Monitor your progress


There is a useful tool on your Facebook page called INSIGHTS here you will find a weekly update of how many visits, engagement and reach you have had in one week and detailed information about the visitors to your Facebook page, for this you need to click on ‘view all’ button under the insights box on the left column.




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