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YOUR CREATIVE BEST: DIY to beautify your boring TOTE

Fabric colors can turn anything bland and boring into funky and colorful. You just need to know how. And here's our artist Neelam with a new DIY to inspire you to turn your plane BYOB into a style statement.

YOUR CREATIVE BEST: Renewal of an Old Purse using Coneliners

An old purse that you're no longer using, but you're of course dying for a new one. We have a refreshing solution for you.

YOUR CREATIVE BEST: Making frangipanis using flat brush and Fabrica acrylics

In this episode, Neelam has introduced us to a new decor technique, Single stroke painting of frangipanis using a flat brush. This is a super fun video that we hope you all enjoy! Make sure to Like, Comment, and Subscribe!

How to Make Spring Flowers Using Acrylic Colors

Shuruart is proud to present the first episode of our new DIY series, Your Creative Best. Materials used:

a) Cat's tongue brush for petals (specialty brush by Camlin)

b) Angular brush for leaves and branches (specialty brush by Camlin)

c) Fabrica acrylics by Camlin

This episode is a step by step demonstration on how to draw beautiful spring flowers.