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What's in the Basket

"I once visited the ghat and saw people bathing in Ganga Ji and flowers, garlands, and lighted lamps sold in baskets at the ghat. Some people were sailing the boat. I also saw two pyres burning at Manikarnika Ghat", Ansh, a Class 4 student of U P Government Primary School, Orderly Bazaar.

Our recent sessions were conducted on the topic "What's in the basket ?" This topic is from a book that is part of the course curriculum of the 4th standard. When children draw on a topic that is part of their surroundings, they are more confident in participation. It allows them to connect, observe and imagine with ease.

"One day, my sister and I gathered up all the fruits and vegetables in our house and sold them in many baskets, just as people sell them in the market. Mom, Dad, and everyone else laughed watching us”, said Fiza, a Class 4 student at U P Government Primary School, Bhadaini.

Kavita Kumari, Harshita Gupta, Neelam Gupta, Radha Gupta, Moni Gupta, and Chandan Yadav took the art sessions. We conducted 20 sessions in 20 Government Primary Schools at Bhadaini, Nagwa, Orderly bazaar, Naria, Sonarpura, Sunderpur 1, Sunderpur 2, Nayi Sadak, Durgakund 1, Durgakund 2, Lolark Kund, Kodai Chowki, Gurudham, Beniya Bagh, Chittupur 1, Chittupur 2, Lahartara, Kabirnagar, Aditya Nagar, and Bhikharipur. Approximately 490 students attended the sessions.

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