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Udbhawa - An Art Exhibition at Banaras Hindu University

We visited the group art exhibition organised by the 3rd year students of Bachelor of Fine Arts, Faculty Of Visual Arts, Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi. We met Lalit, Animesh, Ritesh, Anjali, Shivanshi, Kavita, Khushboo, Ashita, and their friends who, happily, explained their artworks. It’s always a great experience to be among them and to talk to them, especially when it’s not business.

 The students felt enthusiastic to have visitors apart from their friends and regular faculty members. It was a great deal for them to be able to organise an exhibition while in college. With no one to sponsor and support, students chip in for all the expenses themselves, which includes framing, renting the gallery, printing the catalogue, posters, and invites.

 We saw an array of artworks. Various mediums and subjects were displayed like charcoal on paper, water colour, pen work, woodcut, etching, acrylic on canvas, etc.. Artworks touched on the various subjects, often relating to the place.

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