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The Joys of Summer: Children's Love for Sun and the Wind

As the days get longer and the temperature rises, children eagerly await the arrival of summer. With school breaks, less structured routines and longer daylight hours, summer is a time when children have more time to explore and be creative. The feeling of freedom during summer creates cherished memories for children that they often carry throughout their lives.

However, apart from break, there are other reasons why children love Summer. The weather may not always be pleasurable during the day, but as the sun is about to set, the transition from scorching heat to slightly cooler weather, along with the refreshing winds, brings relief. One student mentioned in her drawing that she loves to walk in the evening with her parents, and they enjoy the cool breeze by walking on the riverside.

In the first set of Let's Start Sessions in April, we conducted the art session on "Sun and the Wind", where students shared what they love most about the sun; a few children shared what they do in summer breaks. One student said he likes to play different games and visit relatives' places during the summer holidays. The other student said he likes to eat Mango and watermelon in the summer season.

The art sessions were conducted by Kavita Kumari, Harshita Gupta, Chandan Kumar Sahu, Radha Gupta, and Moni Gupta in Government Primary Schools at Kabir Nagar, Aditya Nagar, Orderly Bazar, Durgakund-1, Sundarpur-1, Sundarpur-2, Kodai Chowki, Nayi Sadak, Chittupur, Lolark Kund, Nariya, Bhikharipur. 

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