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The Fair and Cleanliness

Let's Start Art
Before children learn to read and write, they learn to draw. Those tiny little scribbles on the walls, slate, or paper, all of these move children towards learning the skill of writing. Drawing, in this sense, is a significant part of the process of acquiring literacy. However, for children who do not belong to a background where they are exposed to enough resources such that these skills could be practiced at homes, schools need to be equipped enough to provide students opportunities that bridge these learning gaps and teach children to think, draw, learn, speak, and write simultaneously.
Let's Start Art sessions at government primary schools are the space for children, where they have the opportunity to express emotionally significant experiences while connecting and relating to the content that they are learning at school. 
The first set of Let's Start Art sessions were conducted on the theme "The Fair", derived from a chapter in the English textbook. The sessions were conducted right after festival holidays where children made drawings of their vibrant experiences of going to a fair.
Let's Start Art
"I've made my drawing about the celebrations of Barawafat. Just a few days ago, there were processions and music all around, everyone was celebrating the festival. They talked about teachings from the Quran through the processions, and also distributed desserts like Zarda Pulao and Suji Halwa", told Aisha Akhtar, a student of class 5th at Government Primary School, Bhadaini.
Let's Start Art
" I've made a drawing of Ravana standing with the Coronavirus in his hands. Lord Ram is aiming at him while standing in front of him. Once he kills Ravana, Covid would also be dead. ", told Damini, a student of class 4th at Government Primary School, Nariya, while explaining her drawing to art instructor Kavita Kumari. 
The second set of Let's Start Art sessions were conducted on the theme "Swachh Rahein, Swastha Rahein" (Stay clean, Stay healthy) to spread awareness about the importance of hygiene and how it enables us in staying healthy.
Let's Start Art
"Early in the morning, an uncle comes in the neighbourhood to clean the surroundings. My parents also do a lot of things everyday to keep the house clean so that all of us are healthy. My mother dusts and mops the house. She also washes all the vegetables before cooking.", told Aarti.
"Where are you in this drawing? ", asked the art instructor.
" I'm there at the centre, with a jump rope, trying to exercise, because it is a good habit to stay healthy.", told Aarti.

Aarti Kumari is a student of class 4th at Government Primary School, Aditya Nagar. 
The sessions were conducted by Harshita Gupta, Kavita Kumari, Moni Gupta, and Neelam Gupta. We conducted 35 sessions in 20 Government Primary Schools at Bhadaini, Nagwa, Orderly bazaar, Naria, Sonarpura, Sunderpur 1, Sunderpur 2, Nayi Sadak, Durgakund 1, Durgakund 2, Lolark Kund, Kodai Chowki, Gurudham, Beniya bag, Chittupur 1, Chittupur 2, Lahartara, Kabirnagar, Aditya Nagar, and Bhikharipur. 

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