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Stay Clean, Stay Healthy

In the period of global challenges and pandemics, teaching children about health and hygiene has never been so critical. The ability of art integrated learning is not only to educate but also inspire and engage young minds. Providing education about health and hygiene through art is a dynamic and effective way to instill lifelong habits of cleanliness and well being in children. A clean and healthy lifestyle is essential for a child's well-being. Children should be taught the importance of healthy habits that will keep them safe and fit in the long run.

In our last art session, we conducted the art session on the topic ‘Stay Clean, Stay healthy’ where children shared the healthy habits they followed to remain healthy and happy with us through their drawings.

“To stay healthy, one should always wash hands before eating. We should also brush and bathe every morning. We do PT exercises every morning in our school, which keeps our body healthy and we do not fall sick. I want to grow up and go to the border and serve the country.” - Kshama, a class 5th student said.

Another class 4th student, Kritika said “I have drawn about my daily routine and my home. I wake up every morning and go to the toilet and then brush lightly because once I was brushing too hard, my gums started hurting and bleeding, then I went to the doctor, he said that Brushing should be done with light hands. After brushing I take a bath and then comb my hair. My mother washes everyone's clothes everyday and keeps the house clean.”  Adopting healthy habits and hygiene awareness will lead to holistic development of children.

The art sessions were conducted by Chandan Kumar, Kavita Kumari, Moni Gupta, Harshita Gupta, Radha Gupta, Muskan Gupta in Government Primary Schools at Kabir Nagar, Aditya Nagar, Orderly Bazar, Durgakund-1, Sundarpur-1, Sundarpur-2,Bhagwanpur, Bhadaini, Kodai Chowki, Nayi Sadak, Chittupur, Lolark Kund, Nariya, Bhikharipur, Lahartara , Sankul Dhara Pokhara, Ganesh Mahal, Bajardiha, Sant Ravidas, Sonarpura , Chittaipur, Chittaipur Bhu, Sonia, Shivpurva.

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