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Spreading Health awareness through Art-integrated learning

Teaching children the importance of cleanliness and health through art-integrated learning is an effective way to ensure that they understand and practice healthy habits from a young age and develop self-awareness and discipline. By combining art with other subjects, students can better understand the concepts they are studying while evolving their creativity. Encouraging children to let their minds wander and think creatively can help them acquire problem-solving skills and increase their curiosity and imagination. Art-integrated education helps children understand the importance of cleanliness in a fun and engaging way. Through this method, children can learn how to take care of their hygiene, keep their environment clean, and understand why it is essential to be clean and healthy.

In collaboration with the Utkarsh welfare foundation under the Health awareness programme, we are conducting art workshops for the children living in villages, teaching them the importance of cleanliness and hygiene to stay healthy and away from diseases.

The campaign aims at spreading health awareness among children, and we are helping them spread the word through art-integrated learning.
Through these art sessions, we aim to make children more aware of healthy habits and improve creative thinking.

Our art instructors, Kavita Kumari and Neelam Gupta, conducted the art sessions in Bheemchandi, Dholapur, Karnadadi, War, Gadawa, Kajisarai, Deendaspur, Mahmadpur, and Harhua on various health-related topics -Diarrhoea, Cleanliness, Environment, Pneumonia, Vaccination, Food & Nutrition, and Maternal Health & Safety.

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