Narayan Shah: SHURUA(R)T Artist


"It has been difficult to reach here. But, I have managed. now, I want to continue and find a new technique in painting".
Beaming with confidence, and an infectious hope in eyes, Narayan Shah, a first-year student at College of Arts and Craft, Patna shares his journey.

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  • Narayan jee ,
    जब क्लास में पहली बार आपकी पेंटिंग देखे थे तब हम अपने दोस्त को बोले थे की ,इस आदमी हाँथों में कोई जादू है और ये आदमी बहुत ऊपर जायेगा।

    • Anand kumar
  • Hi,….
    i am aditya i am a little artist …

    • Aditya Kumar Roy