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Narayan Shah: SHURUA(R)T Artist


"It has been difficult to reach here. But, I have managed. now, I want to continue and find a new technique in painting".
Beaming with confidence, and an infectious hope in eyes, Narayan Shah, a first-year student at College of Arts and Craft, Patna shares his journey.


  • Narayan jee ,
    जब क्लास में पहली बार आपकी पेंटिंग देखे थे तब हम अपने दोस्त को बोले थे की ,इस आदमी हाँथों में कोई जादू है और ये आदमी बहुत ऊपर जायेगा।

    Anand kumar
  • Hi,….
    i am aditya i am a little artist …

    Aditya Kumar Roy

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