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Let's Start Art: September 2018

Teachers' Day card
In India, the 5th day of September is celebrated as Teachers' Day, in the memory of the country's former Vice-President Dr. Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan. People, especially students across the country express their gratitude towards their teachers in different ways. So, the theme of the first set of Let's Start Art sessions was Teachers' Day in which we asked the students to make greeting cards for their teachers and tell them how thankful they are. Around 300 students from 9 primary schools attended the workshops. 

Teacher's day card

Teachers' Day card

The teachers were equally grateful to receive the adorable greeting cards as the students were to make those. "We always trouble madam with all the chaos in the class, sometimes she gets angry too, but she always tells us ways to become a good person when we grow up, it's good that I can do something for her now", said Soofiyan thankfully, a student from Govt. Primary School, Bhadaini when asked that if he likes the idea of gifting a card to his teacher.

Vegetable party Vegetable party 

The second set of workshops were conducted with the theme "Vegetable Party", aiming to trigger creativity in the students. We asked them to think about the best party they have ever been to and imagine different vegetables there, all dressed up and happy, instead of the humans. The theme was a little tough for the students initially, but once they started imagining it became easier. Around 115 students from 5 schools attended the workshops and there were drawings with vegetables dancing and talking, and sharing food, the dressed up veggies were fun to be with. 

 Ajay Prakash

Neelam Gupta

The art sessions at Govt. Primary Schools at Bhadaini, Nagwa, Shivpur, and Orderly Bazaar were conducted by Neelam Gupta (Student Artist) and the sessions at Govt. Primary Schools at Sonarpura, Naria and Sunderpur were conducted by Ajay Prakash (Student Artist). 

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