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Let's Start Art: August 2018

Let's Start Art

What do you know about an agricultural farm?

The first set of Let's Start Art sessions for the month of August started with this question. Around 130 students from 5 Govt. Primary Schools in Varanasi attended the workshops. 

Let's Start Art

Lets's Start Art


"I always thought that was a real person taking care of the crops until my father told me that it was a scarecrow", said Ritika from Govt. Primary School, Bhadaini, when asked about a farm. All the students had their own element of fascination from the farms. Some of the students were fascinated by the scarecrows, while others couldn't get over the tube wells, sowing, and techniques of planting rice. It was surprising that the students, who have never been introduced to the methods of crop production and management, have observed such details on their own. 

Let's Start Art

The second set of art sessions were conducted after the Independence Day. We asked the students compulsorily attend the school on 15th August and observe the activities taking place in the school. Later, when we visited the schools to conduct the workshops, the students had their own stories from the day. Around 150 students from 5 Govt. Primary Schools attended the art sessions.

Let's Start Art

Let's Start Art"My mother says it's important to attend the school on 15th August", said Akash from Govt. Primary School, Nagwa when asked if he was present in school for the celebration whereas Golu, another student from the same school told us that he likes to attend the school because he doesn't have to bring the school bag on that day. Children from 3 out of 4 schools celebrated and enjoyed the Independence Day. The students from Govt. Primary School, Shivpur were dispersed right after the flag hoisting because the infrastructure of school was not capable enough to assemble all the students together, except for the prayer. But the students knew better than being sad about it, they enjoyed the day as it was and happily documented their experience in their drawings.

The mentioned schools are Govt. Primary School Bhadaini, Govt. Primary School Nagwa, Govt. Primary School Orderly Bazaar, Normal School-I Shivpur, and Normal School-II Shivpur, Varanasi.

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