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Introduction to India Folk Art: How to make Sohrai Paintings


The Sohrai art painted on the mud wall is a matriarchal tradition of eastern regions of India, handed down from mother to daughter. Usually either monochromatic or colorful, these paintings are done totally by using natural pigments mixed in mud. These wall paintings are considered auspicious and intimately related to fertility and fecundity. The Sohrai art celebrates fertility in harvest where the walls are painted with animal motifs. Apart from depicting the Indian Tribal Life, Sohrai also serves as art therapy.

You'll learn:

- An introduction to the rich cultural importance of Sohrai in India.

- The Historical significance of this ancient form of Indian Folk Art

- Traditional materials, and practices of making a Sohrai artwork

- Making traditional shades of Sohrai using poster colors

- Brush handling techniques for various aspects of making a Sohrai painting which includes: the surface, border, motifs, and patterns - Drawing Sohrai motifs and patterns

- Composition of a Sohrai artwork

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