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Importance of Preserving Nature: Mural at Government Primary School In Varanasi


Children have the potential to paint a brighter and greener tomorrow. In a world where the echoes of environmental concerns grow louder day by day, it's important to teach our younger generations the importance of preserving nature. We need to make them understand the collective effort needed to address the issue to have a sustainable future. After we complete a year of Let's Start Art sessions in a school, students and facilitators together conceptualize a mural work for the school.

Students at Government Primary School, Lahartara completed their first mural on the walls of the school corridor. Children worked on the theme "Preserving Nature" through interactive discussions with our art instructors regarding the value, importance and conservation of nature. Children can better express themselves through such engaging activities. The Mural became a playground for their imaginations, allowing them to explore, experiment, and collaborate in a space where there were no limits to what they could create.

Children learn to bring their boundless creativity to life through vibrant murals. Such activities strengthen community bonds, nurture teamwork, enhance focus and patience and most importantly highlight the urgency of collective action.

The vibrant colours and designs bring joy into the space and create an inviting
atmosphere in the school. The Mural vividly captures the diversity of the natural world. Butterflies fluttering amidst blooming flowers symbolize the delicate interconnectedness of life. Mighty trees stand tall, their roots deeply embedded in the soil, representing the strength and resilience of nature. Murals serve as visual aids for children helping to create a visually rich environment for them.

Students worked under the supervision of our art instructors, Kavita, Moni, Radha,
Harshita and Chandan.
We are grateful to the school administration for their endless support and to all our
donors for contributing to the holistic education of students at the Government Primary Schools of Varanasi.

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