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I teach them drawing, they teach me LIFE!

I am Ajay Prakash, an art instructor at Govt Primary schools, taking art education classes for primary school students as part of Let's Start Art program by SHURUA(R)T.

In this process of giving drawing lessons to children, I have learned important life lessons from them. Most importantly I have learned how to smile despite all the challenges in life. In countless small interactions, lessons they have taught me are going to inspire me to keep my head high and move forward even in adverse situations.

Earlier, I, like many others, used to complain about the falling standards of education in Govt Primary schools. What are the teachers doing? When I got involved with a few schools, I realized what is stopping these children from excelling in education. The challenges they face in their daily life were unimaginable for me.

I met children who are raised by a single parent, losing the father or mother at the tender age of 7 or 8. At this young age, they are burdened with responsibilities, taking care of house chores, raising younger siblings, along with their studies.
Source: Children at Accelerated Residential Camp for Special Students at Shivpur, Varanasi
I entered a new world when I conducted sessions at A Govt school for differently-abled children. Many can't speak or listen, yet could fully grasp the topic on which I was asking them to draw. I can confidently say that when drawing I see no difference between them and other children. When I was about to leave after conducting my first class with them, they came out to wave good-bye to me. Smiles on their face choked me with pride and all I could do was rolls my lips in, pressing hard, hoping that tears won't trickle down or if they would nobody will notice. I just didn't want to wipe them standing in front of innocent proud faces, radiating smiles. I promised myself to work for bringing smiles to similar faces.

I thank you SHURUA(R)T for giving me this opportunity of sharing my knowledge with children.

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