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I added Love to my Color Palette

I'm Neelam Gupta. I'm currently pursuing a Master of Fine Arts degree program. I also work part-time as an art instructor, teaching arts to children at select Govt Primary schools in Varanasi, as part of Let'sStartArt program run by SHURUA(R)T.
In the last 1 year, as part of the topics given to the children, I observed that their drawings are a reflection of their life. Drawings include elements that are connected with their life. Most of the children are from economically poor families, yet they come to schools and attend it joyfully.

During these art sessions, I realized that perseverance is key. Challenges are part of life. We must learn to move forward.

I also realized that when we fail, we tend to give up immediately. However, that shouldn't be the approach. I have often noticed that many children who, initially, get disheartened in the first few drawings, draw enthusiastically and, often, beautifully when they persist.

I appreciate this fact about our team that appreciates this distinction between teaching drawing and getting kids to draw. No art is good or bad. This is a useful practice for us as well as the kids.

These art sessions provide a unique experience. Hours pass without giving any sense & without any reminder of other issues in life. Increasingly, I adore these sessions. You show love to a kid, s/he will shower you with more love. In teaching, I have experienced that love is far more effective in moulding long-term behaviour than punishments. I learned this gradually. When I started, I used to get irritated and would resort to reprimands. Now, I believe that love is more effective.

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