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Let's Start Art

“Arts integration seems to be the best form of differentiation out there because it taps into so many different interests and abilities and forms of learning," says Elizabeth Peterson, an art educator at Cashman Elementary School in Amesbury, Massachusetts. “When kids are learning through the arts, they end up getting a deeper understanding and the concepts end up sticking much better.”

While the concept of arts-integrated learning is still new in India, the students who have been attending Let's Start Art sessions have found their ways in relating the routine subjects with arts and learn better. The first set of art sessions in the month of January were conducted on the theme "If Trees could walk" taken from a poem in their Hindi textbook.

Let's Start Art

"If trees could walk, I'd teach them how to dress and bring them to school. It would be great if trees could listen too, we could ask them for fruits instead of climbing and hurting them.", told Shreya, a student of class-4th at Govt Primary School, Sonarpura.

 Let's Start Art

"If trees could walk, they would also come to the school like us. We'd all sit together and study.", said Ganga, a student of class 5th at Govt Primary School, Bhadaini.

The second set of workshops were conducted to acquaint the students with different types of houses as given in the Environmental Science books. We also encouraged the students to imagine the kind of house they'd like to live in.

Let's Start Art

"When I grow up, I'll buy a house just like this one in my drawing. There will be a garden with flowers and plants all around my house.", said Neha, a student of class-3rd at Govt Primary School, Nayi Sadak, while explaining her drawing.
Neha wants to become a teacher and teach in her own school. 

Let's Start Art

Ranjan Kumar, a student at Govt Primary School, Sonarpura made a drawing of all the types of houses he learnt about.

We also celebrated the Republic Day with the students.

Rebublic Day at primary School

Republic day at Govt primary School

The art sessions at Govt. Primary Schools at Bhadaini, Kabirnagar, Shivpur, Durgakund(1) and Khojwan were conducted by Neelam Gupta(Student Artist). The sessions at Govt. Primary Schools at Sonarpura, Naria, Orderly Bazaar, Nayi Sadak and Sunderpur(2) were conducted by Kavita Kumari (Student Artist). The sessions at Govt. Primary Schools at Nagwa, Shivpur, Lolark Kund, Dashashwamedh, Durgakund(2) and Sunderpur(1) were conducted by Ajay Prakash and Anjali Singh (Student Artists). The crayons were provided by Kokuyo Camlin for all the workshops.

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