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Don't waste food: Mural at a Government Primary School in Varanasi


A little inspiration and understanding of the importance of food can go a long way. It is essential to teach children the value of food and why not to waste it. This will make them understand where the food comes from and how much effort goes into producing every morsel.

After completing a year of Let's Start Art sessions in a school, students and art instructors conceptualise a mural work for the school.
Students at Government Primary School, Naria, completed their first mural in their school under the supervision of art instructors. The theme of the mural is "Don't waste food". While the artists guide the work, students work on a theme from scratch and finish the complete mural themselves. This activity engages children, makes them confident, and improves affiliation with the school. Our murals can also be used as visual aids during a classroom activity, helping to create a visually rich environment for children.
The top portion of the mural portrays farmland and a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables. At the bottom, the mural shows how food is being wasted. The artwork encourages people to understand the value of food and reduce food waste. The bright colours and fun design bring joy into the space and create an inviting atmosphere in the school.
Students worked under the supervision of our art instructors, Kavita, Moni, Radha and Chandan.
We are grateful to the school administration for their endless support and to all our donors for contributing to the holistic education of students at the Government Primary Schools of Varanasi.

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