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Art Workshop for children undergoing Cancer treatment

Creative exposures are calming and relaxing for children. It can help them focus their attention on something positive and enjoyable. 

We recently collaborated with St. Jude India childcare centre to conduct Let’s Start Art sessions for children undergoing cancer treatment. 


Art is a powerful tool that can help these childre cope with the challenges they face.

Cancer treatment can be a difficult and emotionally draining process, especially for children. The side effects of the medications, as well as the uncertainty and fear associated with cancer, can take a toll on children’s mental and emotional well-being. Children may find it difficult to communicate their feelings and fears about their illness and treatment verbally.

However, art therapy offers a non-verbal way for children to express themselves and communicate their emotions through their artwork. It can help children manage and regulate their emotions, act as an aid to improve their mental health, and help them navigate the complex emotions that they may encounter. It also helps distract children from any discomfort or pain they may be experiencing.



In the first Let’s Start Art Session at St. Jude Indiq, Children welcomed us with their bright smiles, enthusiastically participated in the art engagements, and dazzled us with their creativity and emerging sense of aesthetic expression.

St. Jude India, a home away from home
for underprivileged families during their child's treatment for cancer. By providing them with the physical and emotional necessities they give them a better chance of beating Cancer.






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