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The Big Canvas - A look into the world of Pankaj Kumar Verma

I always looked at those empty boards with bewilderment. The entire flow of starting from an empty board, often unimpressive, and converting it into beautifully hand-written signboard was incomprehensible to my 7 year old self. And he never shared much. May be this drew me more.

When I recollect my first source of inspiration that prompted me to pursue visual arts, I always think of my next-door neighbor. A reluctant conversationalist, master of inspiring calligraphy, a hoarding and sign-board painter by profession, never willing to teach a young curious neighbor, but I learnt from him, mostly by observing.

And thus I started my journey as a dabbler in arts & painting. In my hometown of Bokaro, a town famous for its steel plant, I started drawing sketches of people’s face, painting signboards, etc. My first independent assignment was a portrait of Goddess Durga (12 X 20 feet) on a temple wall. Ever since, I have always strived hard to challenge myself as an artist. Currently, I am pursuing professional arts education at India’s No. 1 Fine Arts College. My name is Pankaj Kumar Verma. I am a Second Year student, Bachelor of Fine Arts, Banaras Hindu University.

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