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The Transformation

Lying under the deep blue sky I was lost in my dreams, suddenly a crisp tickle woke me up and I saw colors, yellow, green and brown falling, rolling and spreading around me. They were not just leaves, not a single one. All had turned into flowers eager to soar in that dry and cool air. There was color everywhere. The nature was dancing in its full bloom ready to be crushed in the arms of autumn.

Yes, it was autumn, the boon, the season of change. The godsend messenger to remind us that nothing is going to stay forever, that the change is necessary for the new beginning. Everything was changing every moment. Sitting amidst this changing beauty he was painting me. There was no one with us except for those bare branches, two trunks and some leaves scattered around us. But the place was filled with the memories of Simba.

Oh! I am sorry, I forgot to mention, Simba was a stray dog that he named after his favorite cartoon character. Some two years ago, in the same autumn, he found it here, lying wounded under these trees. One of its back legs was hurt somewhere. He melted from its cry and brought it back to his hostel. For a few days, he treated it with intense care and very soon Simba stared running like a tiger. A strong bond developed between them. Everyday while returning from his painting classes he used to meet Simba here. Simba would jump at his sight and after a hug they used to play for a long time.

They were true companion for these two years until the day he found that Simba was adopted by a couple and gone with them to another city. He was desolated by its absence. But today while returning from his classes he saw these bare branches attached firmly with their trunk, waiting for new leaves to come. And then he observed the leaves dancing with delight for the freedom they achieved. He sat there and started painting me. He realized that change is evident and necessary to grow in life.

Thus reflecting the transforming reality of life, I have captured the autumn in me to see the transformation in you. As a painting I may have saturated all its colors but when you look at me they will melt releasing the rainbow of your memories. So spend some time with me and emancipate yourself from old prejudices to make space for reflowering.

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