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Talk to me and I promise I won't disappoint you !

I was born through the alchemy of colors and feelings. I never utter a single word, but people say I speak to them in a language of their thoughts. Everybody has her opinion about me, but I have a perception of my own. I too have dreams and desires. I also feel fear. So here I am, telling my story from my view because if I don't, who else will?
So let’s begin from the beginning ‘shuru-art'. It was white and even in the whitest of the background where I was born I felt the sensation of colors, the intensity of the feeling I was made with. That was my first interaction with the world. I remember it well; it was a cold and misty evening. When I saw those dark and deep eyes engrossed in me. Feeling the gentle touch of the soft brush in the lap of that tranquil face I took a long breath and gulped down all the sanctity of the atmosphere. Drenched in winter mist, the sweet scent of stone stairs, the sound of gushing water, the ringing of temple bells, chanting of mantras, masses of returning people wet and shivering, the abandoned boat tied in a corner, the weakening light all these reflections made me more than a painting. Yes, I am not a mere painting, I have a life, and I am alive. Reflecting your beliefs, your culture, your hopes, your aspirations, your world and your life. I am living mine. Talk to me and I promise I won't disappoint you. I am the shadow of your thoughts and feelings. So come with me on a journey within you and meet a new self in you.
There is no hurry, none at all. You take your time and then decide. Till then I will wait here, telling my stories from my view. See you soon!

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  • Shuru(a)rt is a wonderful initiative and a platform for the upcoming artists. I recently bought one beautiful painting and was pretty impressed by the way bit was framed and the way it was packed. It shows how much they value customers and the paintings. And not to miss the handwritten Thank You card that gave it a personal touch. Thumbs up!!


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