The Big Canvas - A look into the world of Pankaj Kumar Verma

 When I recollect my first source of inspiration that prompted me to pursue visual arts, I always think of my next-door neighbor. A reluctant conversationalist, master of inspiring calligraphy, a hoarding and sign-board painter by profession, never willing to teach a young curious neighbor, but I learnt from him, mostly by observing.

The Transformation

Yes, it was autumn, the boon, the season of change. The godsend messenger to remind us that nothing is going to stay forever, that the change is necessary for the new beginning. Everything was changing every moment.

Talk to me and I promise I won't disappoint you !






Yes, I am not a mere painting, I have a life, and I am alive. Reflecting your beliefs, your culture, your hopes, your aspirations, your world and your life. I am living mine. Talk to me and I promise I won't disappoint you. I am the shadow of your thoughts and feelings. So come with me on a journey within you and meet a new self in you.